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LASSeO write and publish papers and reports about smartcards and related areas. Please find below a chronological list of papers and reports written by, and for, LASSeO with links to the documents.

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November 2009

Guidance Note on the Provision for LASSeO Encoding onto DESFire Cards Issued with ITSO Encoding

This has been updated to guidance note v2.0 current at 27th March 2010 and will be of interest to those encoding such cards

October 2009

Mifare DESFire® Specification

This document is intended as specification (PDF 267KB) for the provision of local authority services on the following DESFire® platforms. MF3.IC.D40, MF3.IC.D21, MF3.IC.41, MF3.IC.D81. It is aimed at Developers requiring to integrate with a DESFire® card encoded in accordance with this specification

Services and Data Definitions - version 2

This document (PDF 234KB) is intended as a single reference for all NSCP services regardless of the card platform.

Specification for the use of Mifare® 4K - version 3.1

This document (PDF 314KB) is intended as specification for the provision of local authority services on a Mifare® 4K Classic card.

June 2007

Local Government Smart Card Application questionnaire

We are encouraging local authorities to complete our short questionnaire (Word 80KB) on possible smart token (e.g card) applications, to help provide a local government view of the key drivers, triggers and appropriate technologies.

November 2006

LASSeO discussion paper (Word)

September 2006

Authentication and Identification for e-Inclusion in addition to security

Mick Davies' presentation (PDF 837KB) for the World eID Conference held in Antipolis on 20-22nd September 2006.

Beyond the National Smartcard Project

A powerpoint presentation by Mick Davies and Gwyn Williams on the current progress of the National Smartcard Project.

Prepaid Debit cards

Presentation (PDF 6.05MB) given by Avantra at LASSeO's September meeting.

July 2006

Smartcard Trading

Presentation (PDF 241KB) to LASSeo by Jeremy Acklam of Smartcard Trading Ltd. giving information about the company and Blue™, their service-based smartcard scheme.

February 2006

Government Connects

Notes (Word 41KB) from the Government Connects re-launch.

ID cards

In this briefing paper (Word 23KB) Mick Davies discusses the National ID card in a wider smart card landscape.

January 2006

An Introduction to SmartCard Schemes

As interest and enthusiasm for smartcard schemes have grown over the past few years, Mick Davies writes a brief introduction (Word 24KB) to the various nationwide initiatives.

Briefing note on SNAPI Project

A briefing paper about the SNAPI Project (Word 38KB) of which the Project partnership was founded by LASSeO who are still current sponsors.

LASSeO Organisational links

Diagram, as at January 2006, of LASSeO's organisational links

LeGSB Smartcard Blueprint

An email (Word 24KB) to LASSeo members notifying them that the LeGSB Smartcards Blueprint has now gone live.

Scheme Architecture and Implementation Solution

A CEN/ISSS WS/MMUSST framework (PDF 744KB) for the development and operation of flexible, secure citizen service ICT schemes using smart cards issued to individual persons

December 2005

Business Model Agreement

A CEN/ISSS WS/MMUSST agreement document (PDF 341KB) whereby a card scheme operator can define minimum interoperability specifications for inviting service providers to offer services to one or several cards within a scheme, with these cards being issued by local, regional or national authorities

November 2005

Services and Data Objects

Document (PDF 133KB) for the National Smartcard Project that is intended as a single reference for all NSCP services regardless of the card platform.

Smart Card Glossary

This glossary (Word 208KB) was initially developed by the National Smart Card Project to help readers to understand terms used in the project publications. With the agreement of Bracknell Forest BC, it has been edited, extended and amended by LASSeO in order to address a wider audience.

September 2005

Specification for the use of Mifare® 4K

This document (Word 545KB) is intended as a specification for the provision of local authority services on a Mifare® 4K Classic card.

October 2003

Comments on Office of the e-Envoy paper: Smart cards: Enabling e-Government, Draft Policy Framework

LASSeO fully supports the general thrust of this e-Envoy paper (Word 266KB) and the policies it outlines. The involvement of the OeE and the prominence of e-Gif is welcomed by LASSeO, but this gives rise to a number of issues that are worthy of further examination, attention and comment.

September 2003

National Smartcard Standards Project Horizon

This short statement (Word 27KB) sets out to explain how a number of related standards activities relate to each other in the context of the time horizons surrounding the National Smartcard Project.