LASSeO is in the process of being closed down

After many years helping to deliver Smarter, Quicker, Cheaper, Better Public Services  - using the full potential of smartmedia the directors feel that the organisation has run its course. 

LASSeO still owns some significant and useful intellectual material and is considering ways to continue to make this available into the future.

The board of directors issued the following statement to stakeholders on 5th October 2015:


Colleagues past and present,

Over the years many of you have been contributors and beneficiaries of the activities of LASSeO and together we have made a considerable impact on the public sector smartcard community.  However, it now seems to the present board that the company as it stands has run its course.  Consequently, the Directors of LASSeO Ltd, having discussed the future of the company, are minded to stand down and to seek ways of maximising any residual value of the organisation to the public service smart card community. We will be meeting as a board on 21st October to decide exactly what steps to take next.


It would be great to be proven wrong, but we are operating on the assumption that there is not any appetite for at least three friends of LASSeO to step up and take over the organisation as it stands*.   If we are wrong, please make contact as soon as possible so that we may take this into our deliberations.


LASSeO Ltd is constituted as a not-for-profit-distribution company and, upon its closure, its articles requires the transfer of any assets onto an organisation with similar objectives.   This could be an existing or a new organisation with a much wider  remit as long as it includes something approaching the original LASSeO objectives.


We envisage a few possibilities as follows:


  1. New board members come forward to take over the existing company.
  2. A new, or existing, organisation comes forward to preserve the LASSeO brand and maintain its intellectual property under another banner
  3. A third party comes forward willing to mothball the LASSeO brand and Specifications making this freely available as a public resource
  4. The present directors preside over archiving the present website using any remaining financial resources


*LASSeO Ltd is debt free but has very small financial assets.  It does however have a significant reputation, a number of smartcard specifications and a website in need of a relaunch.


If you are interested in any of these options or have any other suggestions to make please contact me prior to 21st October  so that I may share these with the present board before we finally decide to turn the lights out.


Best Wishes and thank you all for your support over the years,

Mick Davies




LASSeO Specifications:

The following specifications and guidance notes are available:

  • LASSeO/ITSO Desfire specifications  - see publications section
  • Guidance is available for encoding DESFire  - see publications section
  • LASSeO/ITSO Mifare 1k & 4k specifications - see publications section 
  • LASSeO specification for 8k DESFire cards - LASSeO has reviewed its specifications for DESFire cards and is happy to confirm that no changes are required to cater for 8k DESFire cards.  In order to avoid any doubt, the LASSeO DESFire specification may be applied to DESFire cards of 4k capacity and over.    


Accessibility issues:

LASSeO is heavily involved in developing and deploying standards that make it easier for all citizens to access electronic services.  It owns the rights to a product named SNAPI and has recently completed a Technology Strategy Board funded project 

LASSeO at Chiswick Accessibility standards event

LASSeO presented at the above event and produced a new SNAPI flyer.  The presentation may also be seen at - click on the title of the presentationto get a PDF copy.



  • The LASSeO/Unicard TSB project to develop SNAPI to demonstrate the usefulness of this software tool in personalising the interface between citizen and machine is now complete.  For the final report see the SNAPI website or directly from TSB SNAPI Project final report 

Collaboration Nation: TSB project event featuring LASSeO & SNAPI

 Technology transfer for assistive and accessible ICT systems

 Higher and further Education

  •  Higher Education HESCA presentations from LASSeO and Smartran may be seen here

Department of Work and Pensions

  • DWP review of smartcard schemes in local authorities now available
  • A research report by RS Consulting for DWP providing an interesting trip down memory lane and an insight into a select group of LA card schemes

Where to next? 

NFC and Mobile service access: 

LASSeO is always looking forward and is presently interested in investigating the need for specifications for the public sector use of NFC/Mobile solutions for service access.   We welcome any views on this subject area and ask interested parties to contact us.

Development of ISO 7816-4 processor card specification

We are presently starting to develop a specification using ISO 7816-4 and would welcome involvement from any interested parties.   If you want to get involved please contact us.

Acceptable read ranges for cards and other media

We have become interested in acceptable read ranges for cards and other media.  We are developing a guidance note which will be published in the near future.  If you have any input to offer, please contact us.